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Our Services

1 | Renovations

When you're remodeling a room, let us install your outlets and lighting.

2 | Service Upgrades

We'll update your outdated electrical system for the power you need.

3 | Solar Panels

Improve the energy efficiency of your home or office with a green resource.

4 | Generators

We'll make sure your home or office is ready if the power goes out.

Call an Experienced Electrician in Baltimore, MD today

Call an Experienced Electrician in Baltimore, MD today

Electrical upgrades and installations aren't something you want to handle on your own. You want to be sure anything involving your wiring and panels is professionally handled, up-to-code and safely installed. Innovative Electric Inc. handles electrical installations, repairs and upgrades in the Baltimore, MD area. We have the knowledge and experience to take care of all the electrical projects on your residential or commercial property.

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Electrical Repair, Solar Panel Installation, We do it all!

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At Innovative Electric, our electricians take pride in providing high quality electrical services and maintaining the highest level of satisfaction with our valued customers. If you need a residential or commercial electrician to complete your construction project or to fix your electrical emergency, we are here to help. Innovative Electric has been in business since 2009 providing electrical upgrades and renovations and more. This is a Veteran Owned Company and I, James Roselle, am the owner and Master Electrician, certified by the State of Maryland. I served in the United States Air Force training in an electronic/mechanical field and I am a Desert Storm Veteran. Safety is always top of mind, I've been trained to follow OSHA and NEC guidelines and I am OSHA 30 certified. If you're looking for reliable and experienced electricians in the Baltimore, MD area, you've found the right company!

At Innovative Electric, we provide a wide variety of electrical services, including installation of outdoor lighting, wiring for new hot tubs and spas, security systems and safety lighting, transformer repair and more. Our experienced team is prepared to handle any type of electrical project or repair. No matter how complicated or simple your electrical system is, our licensed and bonded electricians are highly skilled in their field and are ready to tackle even the toughest electrical issues with a high level of professionalism and impressive customer service that simply can’t be beat.

Not only do we provide excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship, but we also offer competitive pricing on every job that we complete. Unsure about which electrical company to choose? Remember that the lowest price doesn’t always result in the best service. With Innovative Electric you will receive professional service and have your project completed in a timely manner, without worrying about overpaying for poor service. We strive to set the example in our Industry. So!! Get it done right the first time with Innovative Electric!!

Solar Panel Installation in Baltimore, MD

Improve your home's energy efficiency

In addition to the typical electrical work, we provide a variety of services related to your electrical system. We're the company to call for all types of electrical work, including:

We'll also make sure your remodeled space has the power you require. Talk to a construction electrician in Baltimore, MD today about your home's electrical system.

Need Electrical Repair or Electrical Upgrades?

Choose an electrician with three decades of experience

While Innovative Electric Inc. was started in 2009, our master electrician has more than 30 years of experience. We take pride in the quality of service we provide. We'll answer your questions and complete our work to code in a safe and efficient manner.

Contact Innovative Electric Inc. today to hire a skilled electrician in the Baltimore, MD area.