Make Sure You Don't Lose Power

Make Sure You Don't Lose Power

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Will you be ready the next time a storm knocks the power out? Innovative Electric Inc. installs backup power generators in the Baltimore, MD area. We'll make sure you have the electricity you need when you lose power or there's no sun for your solar panels.

Our experienced electricians offer generator sale, installation and maintenance services. As a Generac dealer, we can steer you toward the right unit for your home or office. You want to be sure your structure has the power you need until the lines are restored.

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Backup Power Generators in Baltimore, MD

3 things to keep in mind while buying a generator

When you're interested in buying a generator, make sure it provides the power needed to keep the lights on in your home or office. We'll talk with you about your budget and property size to find the right unit. We'll determine the best generator based on:

  1. Your power requirements
  2. The location of the generator
  3. The type of transfer switch you need

You'll also learn about the different types of fuel a generator can run on and how long it will last per tank.

Contact Innovative Electric Inc. today for generator installation in the Baltimore, MD area.