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Kitchen Installations

Kitchens are Special!

A very large part of MY Heritage is Italian, and if anyone knows Italians you will know that we love to cook! So a large beautiful kitchen is part of our lifestyle! At Innovative Electric, we have done so many Kitchens in the past 10 years that I have started to Loose count..

One of the very first jobs we did was an Addition that was for a Beautiful Kitchen in Towson..

One of our first additions

The Following Kitchen was our most recent renovation done, The family here decided to remove the wall separating the Kitchen and Dining Rm and extend the Kitchen. They installed a new window on the outerwall above the sink, getting rid of the small 30" Single Window typically above most sinks. They also relocated the Sliding glass door from the left side of the kitchen to enter into the Dining Rm, giving them another 6-10ft of room on the far corner for additional cabinet space, with a wrap around double oven at that end.

On the interior wall is more cabinet space with a Cooktop installed and a very nice Commercial size Refrigerator, which costs about $10,000 by itself.

Renovated Kitchen With Recessed Lighting Installed
Renovated Kitchen With New Lighting Installed

When I have more time I will add more to this area for everyone to see!

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