Home Renovations in Maryland & DC

Are you Planning on a Major Renovation?

Odds are that at some point in time, Innovation has Been there and done that!! We have double the size of more than a few homes, remove Knob and Tube from Entire Buildings, Installed extremely High-End Kitchens, Baths, and even a few pools and Hot-tubs. You can trust that we have the experience you will need to install a good product and help your project flow.

We Pay Attention to Detail!

We will assist you in dealing with other trades and making decisions that will help you, even if it is not always easiest thing for us.

AND we do everything in our power to make sure the job gets done when you expect it too!

And if you need reassurance, go read some our Google Reviews.. I encouge everyone I’ve done work for to submit a review, the more the better!

In addition, here is a same of some of our work! Grouped according to project here..


Same House from Start to finish –

Completed Home Renovation
Home Renovation With Upgraded Lighting