Who Handles Electrical Upgrades in Baltimore, MD?

Who Handles Electrical Upgrades in Baltimore, MD?

Innovative Electric will improve your existing system

Are you in the process of remodeling a room? Is your existing electrical panel outdated? Innovative Electric Inc. offers electrical upgrades in the Baltimore, MD area. Our electricians will make sure your home or office has the power it needs without compromising on safety.

When you make changes to your home, you may be increasing the power demand. We can handle circuit panel upgrades to ensure your house has the power supply you need. While many appliances and electronics are being made more energy efficient, different devices require power at the same time.

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Not sure you need to call in an Electrician?

3 signs you need electrical upgrades

Our electricians can handle replacement cables, pole-to-meter replacements and panel upgrades. The important thing is to contact us right away when you notice something is wrong. There are numerous signs you should upgrade your wiring or panel, including:

  1. Faulty wiring causing flickering lights or shocks
  2. A consistent need to replace fuses or flip breakers
  3. Excessive use of power strips and extension cords

Make sure the entire electrical system in your home or office is safely installed. Contact Innovative Electric Inc. today to speak with an experienced electrician in Baltimore, MD.

Electrical Panel Upgrade


To protect you and your loved ones inside your home, you need to replace your old or faulty electrical panel. Innovative Electric Inc. can reduce the risk of death to your family due to home electrical fires and electrical shocks.

1. The following types of Electrical Panels have documented issues of causing house fires - Please have these updated ASAP if you have one!
A. Federal Pacific Electric (FPE)
B. Zinsco Panels
C. Bryant Panels
D. Push-o-matic
E. Any Panel 40 years or older that has outlived its designed lifespan (ALL Fuse Panels or Split-Buss Panels)

A split buss typically has no single MAIN breaker. It has 6 double pole breakers usually at the top of the panel, sometimes with a space between top and bottom and sometimes no space, but one of the 6 breakers feeds the bottom half of the panel.

2. You hear crackling sounds from the breaker box panel.

3. Your main service cable coming into the house has cracks or breaks running up the wall outside. This allows water to damage the wires, meter, and breaker panel. Corrosion or rust could allow the panel to detach from the wall for this or other things.

4. Lights flicker in the house or appliances not running at full power may mean loose connections or bad breakers inside the service panel. Are there burn marks on the breakers or buss under the breakers?

5. Additional power needs!! Older services used to be 60amp, nowadays the smallest allowable service is 100a. If you’re thinking about making a major improvement to your home, don’t forget to assess the additional power that you will need. Room additions, kitchen remodels and major appliances such as heating & air conditioning systems, hot tubs, double ovens, garage door openers, and outdoor lights all may require an expanded breaker box and electrical panel. You may have to add outlets to a wall, or add special 240-volt circuits, or add a sub-panel for a generator.

6. Updating your electrical service includes updating the grounding in your house. Every House is required to have two grounding means inside the panel, including connection to 2 ground Rods outside, connection within 5ft of where a cold water metal pipe enters the house, and bonding connection to any metal piping system, natural gas, boiler and hot water pipes inside your home. A proper grounding system is what allows a breaker to actually trip if there is a short circuit. If YOU are part of that short circuit, having your grounding correct could save YOUR life!

Call today to schedule an appointment for electrical panel installation in Baltimore, MD.

Replace Your Federal Pacific Electric Panel Today

Our electrical contractors in Baltimore, MD perform safe panel replacements

Do you have a Federal Pacific Electric panel in your home? These systems are not designed to trip the breaker when an issue arises. The company was sued Nationwide during the late 1980's and it was revealed that they falsified their testing data. A New Jersey state court ruled in a class action lawsuit that the Federal Pacific Electric company knowingly sold faulty circuit breakers to homeowners across the country. These panels ARE NOT SAFE! Call Innovative Electric Inc. to install a new service panel. New Service Panels are UL listed and have gone through rigorous testing procedures to ensure the safety of you and your family. Each year new improvements are made to your home electrical systems to lessen the risk of losing your Home or loved ones to an Electrical Fire.

Breakers are designed to trip to stop the flow of power in your home, this prevents overheating caused by arcing or a sudden surge of power. When a breaker doesn’t trip, the extreme amount of power from the outside electrical supply surges into a home’s panel and circuits. When this happens, you can’t turn the breaker off manually. Electricity will burn until it runs out of fuel or the wires melt, resulting in the panel or wiring inside the walls to overheat and catch fire.

If your Federal Pacific Electric panel or breaker malfunctions, call Innovative Electric ASAP. Our electricians can install a brand-new model in your home that’s safe and reliable.

These are pictures of bad panels and/or what can happen if you do not get a replacement!